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  • John Smith

    John Smith


    “He knows nothing, then?”

    Meantime, Ahab holding the letter, muttered, “Mr. Har—yes, Mr. Harry—(a woman’s pinny hand,—the man’s wife, I’ll wager)—Aye—Mr. Harry Macey, Ship Jeroboam;—why it’s Macey, and he’s dead!”

  • Jessica Ivins

    Jessica Ivins

    Editor in Chief

    “But who do you think I am?” asked Fix, looking at him intently.

    “Parbleu! An agent of the members of the Reform Club, sent out here to interrupt my master’s journey. But, though I found you out some time ago, I’ve taken good care to say nothing about it to Mr. Fogg.”

  • Paul Jacobsen

    Paul Jacobsen


    Fix began to be puzzled.

    “Members of the Reform Club!” continued Passepartout. “You must know, Monsieur Fix, that my master is an honest man, and that, when he makes a wager, he tries to win it fairly!”

  • Katie Pilot

    Katie Pilot

    Director of HR

    “That’s just what we count on doing.”

    “It’s a conspiracy, then,” cried Passepartout, who became more and more excited as the liquor mounted in his head, for he drank without perceiving it. “A real conspiracy! And gentlemen, too. Bah!”